Truck Toolboxes

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1400x600x1150mm Flat Aluminium Truck Toolbox built in drawers
8% OFF RRP $1,800.00
1400x600x1150mm Flat Aluminium Truck Toolbox with 2 Drawers
8% OFF RRP $1,800.00
1400x600x1150mm Flat Plate Full Door Aluminium Truck Toolbox
11% OFF RRP $1,350.00
1800x600x1150mm Flat Aluminium Truck Toolbox built in drawers
5% OFF RRP $2,050.00
1800x600x1150mm Flat Plate Full Door Aluminium Truck Toolbox
8% OFF RRP $1,850.00

Have a squiz at the highly sought-after truck toolboxes, cherished for their effortless installation, ample bed clearance, and unrivalled sturdiness - the aluminium Full-Size, low-profile options. These heavy-duty storage systems are designed to optimise space management in your truck bed, catering to your unique requirements without a snag.

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Are Truck Toolboxes worth the investment?

You've probably pondered this question countless times and consistently arrived at the same conclusion. While truck tool boxes may come with a slightly higher price tag compared to other options, they are unquestionably worth their weight in gold. These trusty boxes provide not only enhanced security and protection but also better organization and an appealing look for your truck.

Why is aluminium the ultimate choice for truck toolboxes?

Aluminium is one of the most popular metals used to make truck toolboxes. The reason for its popularity is its malleability, lightweight structure, and durability.

What is the typical lifespan of a used truck toolbox?

The lifespan of a truck toolbox hinges on various factors, such as storage and working conditions, instances of misuse, and the quality of materials used. In general, a used toolbox should retain at least 90% of its original value, making it a durable and long-lasting investment.