5 Key Ways to Protect Your 4x4 Vehicle from Scratches During a Road Trip

If you're a 4x4 lover then you know there’s nothing more annoying than getting scratches on your vehicle. This is particularly challenging and difficult to avoid during those off-road adventures. Then again, bumps and dents are no stranger to a 4x4 enthusiast. But how do you keep your vehicle safe from those pesky scratches? Here are a few ways you can go about it.


1. Paint protection

Paint protection is probably the most popular solution. Adding a clear coat of spray paint can make a world of difference. Clear coat paint protection refers to spraying a layer of paint on top of your existing paint with no real colouring.

Many 4x4 vehicles come with two layers of paint with the colour at the base and a clear coat on top of that base. Adding a clear coat of spray paint means you have a protective outer layer that can ward off scratches. You can top it off with a paint sealant, which acts like amped-up car wax.


2. Use a vinyl wrap

While it may not help with deep dents, vinyl wraps provide excellent protection against minor scratches. Vinyl wraps offer two options: clear or colour. You can opt for a comprehensive coat with a vehicle wrap where the vinyl would cover the entire 4x4. This way, the whole of your vehicle is protected instead of selected areas. The best part of vinyl wraps is that damages can be easily repaired or replaced at any given time.

With colour wrapping, you could also change the colour of your 4x4 to a theme of your choice.


3. Door edge guards

Paint alone won’t do the job for you. One of the most vulnerable areas for scratches is the door edge. Thereby placing door edge guards provides a physical barrier that would keep the metal beneath in pristine condition while ensuring the paint looks good.


4. Install a bullbar

Not only do they look tough and give your 4x4 a stylish look, but a bullbar is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make, particularly if you’re one for a lot of off-road trips. Not only does it shield your front end with heavy-duty steel but it will keep your vehicle operable after a collision. It’s the perfect balance between style and purpose.

You can add that extra layer of protection with fender flares or mudguards. These would be helpful in catching dirt and mud that is kicked up off the road from landing on your 4x4.


5. Reusable 4WD body armour

This type of protection comes in the form of magnetic reusable paintwork body armour. It attaches to the body of your 4x4. The idea is to act as a temporary protection layer between the environment and the vehicle’s paintwork. Additionally, this saves time on cleaning and buffing after a long road trip.


Need some expert assistance?

Keeping your 4x4 vehicle scratch proof 24/7 during road trips is nearly impossible. But putting in those extra layers of protection can often save time and money in the long run. Especially when it comes to fixing those bumps and dents.

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