4 Awesome 4WD Tracks in Victoria

Author: Ez ToolBox   Date Posted:3 June 2020 

4 Awesome 4WD Tracks in Victoria by Ez ToolBox

Looking to hit the dirt track but not sure where to go? Check out these awesome destinations.

Billy Goat Bluff

Where is it? Dargo (315 km North-easy of Melbourne).

How difficult is it? Hard. Low range and high clearance.

How long is it? 125 km.

What is it good for? Wildlife, pristine views and steep terrain.

With a ripper name like this, it’s no surprise that experienced 4WD enthusiasts love tackling Billy Goat Bluff. This track is known for some of the steepest terrain in Victoria, which makes it a challenge for even the most seasoned drivers. You’ll be heading through the Pinnacles State Forest which offers beautiful views of the surrounding area and plenty of rest spots. Buckle up for an extreme experience and don’t look back. Billy Goat Bluff offers plenty of reward for the adventurous.

Toolangi State Forest

Where is it? Toolangi (80 km from Melbourne).

How difficult is it? Medium.

How long is it? 6 km.

What is it good for? Stunning views and exploring the great outdoors.

One of the best things about the Toolangi State Forest is that it boasts a range of track difficulties to suit most drivers. It becomes a popular tourist spot during the summer months thanks to breathtaking scenic views and hidden walking paths. Keep in mind, however, that things will quickly take a turn in winter, with many of the tracks becoming muddy and a little more tricky to navigate. Toolangi State Forest should definitely be on your 4WD itinerary list.

Mount Terrible

Where is it? Jamieson (250 km north-east of Melbourne).

How difficult is it? Easy/Medium. Low range and high clearance.

How long is it? 59 km (but there’s an optional 5 kilometre extension).

What is it good for? Swimming, fishing and amazing views of the Great Dividing Range.

Despite a somewhat sinister name, Mount Terrible is a lot of fun and makes for a great getaway with family and friends. This 4WD track is rated as easy/medium in terms of difficulty which makes it an ideal challenge for beginners looking to build confidence and tackle new obstacles in a safe way. Expect to drive through plenty of steep passes and to come across a bunch of tricky spots that may require a little problem solving. However, keep in mind that there are a number of easier options should you ever find yourself over your head. Be sure to bring a camera because there'll be endless photo opportunities along the way!

Benambra to Tom Groggin

Where is it? Benambra (435 km north-east of Melbourne).

How difficult is it? Easy/medium.

How long is it? 97 Km.

What is it good for? Hiking paths, camping spots and fantastic views.

Strap yourself in for plenty of action when you head to Benambra. There are lots of rocks, hills and descents to test yourself against on this track and that’s what makes it such a stand out choice. Great for beginners and intermediate drivers, you’ll be moving through some of Victoria’s most beautiful landscapes. Be sure to bring plenty of supplies and the tools needed to get yourself out of a bog, should things get the better of you.

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