4 Reasons Why You Need a Gullwing Toolbox for Your Ute

Author: Ez ToolBox  

Gullwing toolboxes are the perfect choice for tradies that need a taller box to store large, bulky items. Available in a range of designs, these toolboxes allow you to get your hands on equipment in a hurry - you don’t even have to drop your tray sides! Want to find out more about why gullwing toolboxes are so great and why you should consider upgrading? Check out this blog from the experts at ezToolBox.  

  • Storage and organisation

One of the key advantages of having a gullwing toolbox is that they provide for great storage and allow you to transport tall and bulky items. They also help with organization. This is because of their unique design, which consists of two side doors that lift up and open separately. As a result, tools can be stored and organised in a way that lets you quickly access what’s needed. Whether that’s a shovel, a rake, a broom or anything else, you’ll be well sorted. Another key benefit is that you can access specific tools without having to sort through your entire tray.  

  • Visibility

Visibility on the road goes a long way to ensuring that you arrive at your destination safely. The good news for anyone looking to invest in a new toolbox is that gullwing designs are usually lower in height when compared to other models, meaning they don’t obstruct driver vision. This makes them a great option if you are concerned about your field of view, as you’ll be able to see what’s behind you at all times.

  • Protection for your tools

Everyone wants to know that their tools are going to be kept safe and sound from the elements. That’s why a gullwing toolbox makes for such a great fit. Quality builds use top of the line materials and come with waterproof rubber seals to stop water from getting in. This means you’ll never have to worry about storms and wild weather causing unwanted damage. Drive with confidence all year round and know that your tools will be kept in great condition. 

  • Security 

Worried about thieves getting away with your valuable tools? Top-of-the-line gullwing toolboxes are manufactured using high-grade aluminium checker plates that provide an impressive level of protection. Think stainless steel T handle locks, full length concealed stainless steel piano type hinges plus more. When it comes to ensuring that your equipment remains safe and sound, a gullwing is always a smart choice.


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