How Useful Is a Dual Cab Canopy for a New Ute?

Author: Ez ToolBox  

A dual cab canopy can make a world of difference to your ute for a range of reasons. Whether you want to transport more tools, improve security or simply make sure that everything arrives at your destination dry and ready to go, you’ll love the benefits on offer. Check out this blog from the team at ezToolBox to find out more about why dual cab canopies are a great match for utes of all shapes and sizes.

  • Storage

Want to get more tools from point A to point B? You’ve come to the right place. A dual cab canopy can improve storage capacity, allowing you to transport a greater amount of equipment and gear than before. The reason being that these designs act as a fully closed canopy that sits over your tray, creating the perfect, larger space than the normal ute tub for everything you need. Be it shovels, power tools, camping gear or anything else, a pre-designed or custom model will match all your needs. 

  • Security

Everyone wants to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a secure vehicle. So why should your tray be any different? A dual cab canopy will provide for exceptional security, meaning you won’t have to worry about leaving your ute unattended. A quality aluminum build with stainless steel T locks or whale tail locks as an option and enhanced safety features will stop thieves from taking off with your valuables. 

  • Protection from the weather

There’s nothing worse than getting to the jobsite with wet tools and equipment. Or realising last minute that your camping gear is completely soaked. Make these problems a thing of the past by investing in a quality dual cab canopy and you’ll never look back. Thanks to smart designs and waterproof fittings, everything you transport will be shielded from the weather - be it heavy rain, the hot sun or strong winds. 

  • Aesthetics

We get it, you want to drive a great looking 4x4 while out on the road. The good news is that you can add a new look to your ride with an expertly made dual cab canopy. Enjoy a range of visual finishes to match your vehicle and choose from custom options based on your sense of style. With a new canopy fitted, you’ll draw attention on the road and command the respect of everyone nearby. 

  • Strength 

Dual cab canopies are built to last which is great news for anyone that works hard throughout the day. Basically, you’ll never have to worry about the materials used breaking down or succumbing to the harsh Australian conditions. Made from high-grade aluminium flat or checker plates and well engineered square tube frames that can handle seriously heavy loads, your new ute design will always perform as needed. You can expect reinforced tube roof bracing structures for even better results. 


We design and build custom dual cab ute canopies 

Want to upgrade your ride with a custom-made dual cab ute canopy? Get in touch with the friendly team at ezToolBox. We work to the highest standards and offer a great level of support to customers across Australia. Whether you’re a busy tradie, a part-time handyman or a 4WD enthusiast, our experts can find the perfect fit for you. 

Our dual cab canopies are available in different sizes and can be fitted with internal drawers, dividers and other features. 

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