Why use a dog box for your ute while travelling?

Canopy with dog box

Travelling in your ute can be tricky business, particularly when you’re taking that offroad trip. The challenging road conditions paired with the rough weather means that safety should be of prime importance. So if you’re thinking of taking your four-legged friend on your next adventure, you’ll need to ensure that their safety is also guaranteed. 


The legalities

The Animals Care and Protection Act 2001 doesn’t specifically state that it’s against the law to have your dog unrestrained in the back of a ute. Although, it’s considered that you may be putting your dog in an uncompromising position with the possibility that the animal may fall. This would mean massive fines. Furthermore, if you’re found responsible for an animal that falls from your vehicle, you’re hit with bigger fines and potentially some jail time.


Consequences aside, the last thing you would want is to compromise the safety of your best bud while on an outdoor adventure.


Why dog boxes?

A dog box is one of the safest ways to take your dog out with you. These not only keep your furry friend secure in the back of your ute but also offers protection from the weather and debris. Rough terrains translate to all forms of debris including dirt, stone, and loose tree branches, among other things. All of this could easily hurt your dog. A dog box ensures this doesn’t happen to your furry friend. 


The challenging weather conditions mean that the hot weather is something that you need to deal with regularly. Therefore, ventilation is crucial when it comes to keeping your dog secured in the back of your ute. Any good dog box for utes will ship with ample ventilation for your pet.


Types of dog boxes

There are many dog boxes available in the market, each catering to a specific requirement. Checker plate aluminium full dog boxes are often a popular choice.


These typically come with weatherproof rubber seals, reinforced roof bracing and T handle locks.


In the market for a more compact solution? High-quality aluminium half-dog boxes might pique your interest. Alternatively, you could opt for a gullwing variation for convenience.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? You can always go for a custom build that’s tailor-made for your best bud’s needs. Regardless of what type of dog box for utes you choose, it’s a must-have if you ever decide to go on that road trip with your doggo. 


Get your 4x4 vehicle dog box online

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