Why You Should Add An Alloy Canopy To Your 4x4

Author: Ez ToolBox  

If you want to upgrade your vehicle so it can match the demands of the job, then an alloy canopy is the thing for you. Built tough with durability in mind, these designs offer exceptional protection for your tools and they look great too. Enjoy total confidence while on the road and know that your valuables will always be safe and sound. Find out more about why you should add an alloy canopy to your 4x4 vehicle in this post from the experts at ezToolBox.


Storage and transport

One of the key advantages of alloy canopies is that they provide for standout storage and transport potential. This means you can get everything you need to and from the jobsite without a second thought. Whether that’s power saws and drills, shovels and trowels or anything else, you’ll be well equipped for the task at hand. Say goodbye to second guessing what you should go and watch should stay in your ute tray, as you can take everything with you from the start.



There’s nothing worse than having a messy tray full of tools. The good news is that an alloy canopy can help you to stay organised thanks to smart designs and clever features. You could use a drawer system to keep small bits and pieces in easy to access areas, and heavy power tools down below to help with anchorage. With a custom make, you can design everything to suit your needs.


Customisation options include:

  • Sizes and tray placements
  • Door arrangements
  • Spare wheel carriers
  • Gas bottle holders
  • Internal dividing walls
  • Power outlets, lighting and security systems
  • Specialised storage and drawer systems



Security is top of mind (and with good reason) as tools aren’t cheap. The same goes for camping equipment, fishing rods, surfing gear and so forth. Rest assured that your belongings will be well accounted for with an alloy canopy as they offer an exceptional level of protection. Built using high-grade aluminum checker plates, thieves won’t even get close to what’s stored inside. Better yet, with stainless steel T locks and full length concealed piano type hinges, everything will be there when you need it. It’s all about giving you the confidence to leave your ute unattended while you get the hard work done.


Protection from wind, rain and dust

Nothing will dampen your spirit quite like wet tools and supplies. Be it bags of cement or electrical gear, it makes all the difference in the world to know that your supplies are protected from the elements. Trust that strong winds, heavy rain and dust storms won’t be an issue once your ride is fitted with an alloy canopy. This is because everything will be kept inside, well away from the harsh, outside conditions.


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