1. Can I get my purchases freight to me?

Yes, we use Australia Post, Fastway, TNT Road Express and Northline Depot for freight. You can get a quote from our website when you place your order at checkout or contact our office on 1300 710 666 or info@eztoolbox.com.au for quotes and enquiries.


2. Can I view the products in person or pick up my order from stores?

Yes, definitely. We have 3 branches in Australia, one in Victoria, one in Queensland and one in New South Wales where you can view our products and choose your pick up store. Our Victoria branch address is: U6/2 Norwest Ave Laverton North, VIC 3026; and the Queensland address is: 141 Ingram Road, Acacia Ridge, QLD 4110, the New South Wales address is: 35 Lugard St, Penrith, NSW 2750


3. Can I do a custom build Tray, Canopy and Toolbox?

Yes, We have a range of heavy-duty aluminium toolboxes, canopies and trays developed for all major vehicle brands. We also have manufacturing factories located in VIC which is for custom build aluminium toolboxes, trays and canopies. Please see our custom build page on our website and fill a form to get a quotation. Our sales representatives will contact you via email or phone calls as soon as we can. Please email your inquiry to  info@eztoolbox.com.au or call 1300 710 666


4. How strong is the roof of your canopy? Can I fit a rooftop tent?

With a full internal bracing frame, our canopies can hold 300KG to 350KG on top and the roof will take the weight of any tent on the market.


5. Where will the spare tyre be located with your tray?

The spare tyre will remain in the original location (under chassis) for all vehicles except the Toyota Landcruiser, where it is mounted to the back of the headboard inside the tray. If you need to go bigger tyres, we will have spare wheel carrier for you. It is mounted on the back of the canopy with an extra holder.


6. Can I have a aluminium dog box in my canopy?

Yes, we have 2 options for that. The first one is the dog box and canopy combo, you can check it out on our website. The other option is the custom build for canopy with dogbox, there are some photos in the gallery showing what we have built for dog box in a canopy. 


7. Is my canopy dust and waterproof?

Yes, definitely


8. Can I have windows fitted on my canopy?

Yes, we can have some standard pre-made canopies fitted windows with clear Acrylic board and protector. We also provide custom build service for fitting windows on any canopy you want. 


9. Where will the fuel filler be located with your tray?

We have fuel filler brackets for original positioning for all vehicles and fuel filler relocation kits for the Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series.


10. Can I have a reverse camera and sensors fitted to my canopy and tray?

We can relocate the reverse cameras and sensors fitted to all utes as part of our tray fitment options.


11. Can I get my toolboxes or canopies powder coated?

Yes, we also provide a powder coating service, basically we can do all powders in Australia market. 


12. I want to purchase multiple toolboxes - can they be keyed alike?

Yes, we can.


13. Do you make steel trays?

Unfortunately. We only offer an aluminium tray that is a steel equivalent in strength and durability with half the weight.