If you are interested in purchasing ute trays, toolboxes, canopies and accessories for your business, then visit us at ezToolbox. We understand that every business is unique and our team will work hard to understand your individual needs to tailor a solution that’s perfect for your business!

Our business fleet program is designed to meet specific requirments for your business, such as quantity, size, extra accessories(divider, shelf, drawer etc.), roof racks and so on. We can help you determine which of our toolboxes or canopies would be best suited to you and your business by assessing these requirements to create a fleet solution that is extensive and personalised.

With massive Melbourne warehouse where we stock trays, toolboxes, canopies and accessories, this is a gurantee of an industrial-leading fitment and delivery time of your vehicle. We all know that time is money, sooner the transport tools is ready for you business, less cost you are spending.

With a vast range of pre-built toolboxes and canopies stored, you can find a best solution to your requirements with fast delivery time. We also can do customisations offering you flexibility to improve your effiency and profitability. 

To minimise your worry on the unlikely event something might not work for you with our products, ezToolbox offers a Full Manufacture Warranty on the trays, toolboxes, canopies and accessories we provide.

For more information about our fleet services and to get an obligation free quote, please contact a member of the ezToolbox fleet team or call 1300 710 666 today.


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